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Nurses are the backbone of the health care industry. Dedication, passion, empathy and an unfailing work ethic are just a few qualities that a nurse must display every day on the job. Promed takes these qualities very seriously when hiring new staff members. Our personnel are our reputation, and we want staff members and clients alike to feel comfortable in all of our placements. Promed nurses always go above and beyond the call of duty: working doubles, staying late, and taking extra care with the individuals they are responsible for. Letters of thanks and praise are a constant at Promed. We take our responsibility of providing quality care to those who need it very seriously.

By carefully taking into consideration a nurse's prior skill set, his or her special interests, and the specialized needs of each facility; Promed is consistently able to place the right employee into the right position. This is the difference provided by Promed's Strategic Staffing Response.

A career in nursing is one of the most admirable in the health care industry. By joining Promed, you will know that your hard work is appreciated. At Promed you can decide to take shifts that fit into your permanent and fluxuating schedule. Combined with next day pay, Promed may be the employment solution you have been searching for. We are always looking for new team members to place into our award winning facilities. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at If you have already decided that Promed could be a good fit for you, you may begin to apply here; you will lists and links to all of the forms and documents we need to begin processing your application today.

Sharing your commitment to provide quality healthcare to those who need it.

ProMed Staffing is a privately held healthcare staffing agency which specializes in providing short and long term healthcare personnel to: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, and Health Clinics. Owned and operated by licensed healthcare professionals, ProMed has experienced fluctuating staffing needs first hand and can provide the strategic response needed in these difficult situations.

By using Promed Staffing as your agency of choice, your facility will be able to enjoy the quality personnel that call Promed Staffing home. We encourage you to contact us for a list of our staffing options as well as our current rates. For more information, email us at