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Your Life Story Video

Use as a personal or non-profit documentary

The Toy Shop Christmas Toys Video

I was very happy with this video because it is the story of a person excited about a year-end celebration who is working to bring that excitement to others. Working with her, I was able to bring out 3 goals:
  • Help volunteers feel the spirit earlier,
  • Help people with different traditions participate, and
  • Join with mom in picking toys for kids.
The video has a strong beginning, middle and end. It sustains interest by showing relationships.

The Families and Schools Together Video

What makes this video interesting is a strong school principal whose goals for this after school program include helping the children AND the parents.
  • Purpose of the program
  • Parents talking about what the program means for them
  • Kids have a good time while parents learn skills.
The video has a strong start with clear goals and an amazing success story that is made visible.

These videos were produced in a volunteer effort for a Philadelphia nonprofit Turning Points for Children For more information about their work, please visit their web site

Your video will create more interest when constructed as a story with (a) a hook or opening action sequence, (b) a main character, (c) a goal, (d) relationships and conflict, and (e) outcome. I am an experienced video producer that can join with you in telling your story about an aspect of your life: your wedding, your business, bed and breakfast, party, school, or charitable work. My goal is to make interesting video that will:
  • attract a wide audience,
  • sustain interest,
  • generate enthusiastic response, and
  • provide good examples of my work.
I offer free consultation and fees starting at $100 a day, less if you have an appealing story that can be finished in one day.
David Starr 917-324-4234 [Maple Shade] First Design Inc

For how video is a part of a strong web site, see this article (Click Here) which we borrowed from

Reuven Frank of NBC News guides our work. He wrote in 1963:
Every news story should, without sacrifice of probity or responsibility, display the attributes of fiction, of drama. It should have structure and conflict, problem and denouement, rising and falling action, a beginning, a middle and an end. These are not only the essentials of drama: they are the essentials of narrative.

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