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Ingredients in My Career May 2, 2016

About a year ago, I began wishing to enhance my technical coding skills. It began to appear to me that I would be more useful and valuable as a programming consultant. I found a job writing visual basic ( with as the web browser facing software. I have an extensive background with sql relational database and also with hierarchical databases so it was easy to work with that as part of the software stack.

I wrote several applications with extensive work in a CRM [think] rewrite for internal use. After this was turned over to the user, I was assigned to create a web site for vendor management [ in reverse] where the moderator listed needed work and then vendors could bid on it. is similar.

In fact, today, there are several different programming languages that spring of out if - then - else logic and they pretty much are the same. I am good at and at C# - two languages that are so similar the software platform form them - Visual Studio - can convert code written in one language into the other.

I think there will be a shortage of United States based programmers eventually and my work will be in demand.

Ingredients in My Career Nov 3, 2013

I have been working all my life - I enjoy work because to me work is about helping others. When I was a DJ for ten years in my 20s, I brought popular music to people. I wrote and presented the news. I was constantly recording commericals. I like doing commericals. I like selling and I like creating an explanation of why something works - and an explanation that exhibits some production values that make it sound polished.

I was in the Army for 3 years - I was a DJ in the Army. That gave me a chance to move beyond my background and experience and develop a desire to finish my education.

I returned to school at the University of Southern California and worked my way to a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and a Law Degree. I practiced law in Los Angeles. I tried to help people solve their problems. It wasn't always easy.

I shifted into writing computer programs. I always had a knack for technology. In a few months, I was writing an online program that produced trucks as they were designed in another country.

I moved to New York City and wrote trade entry and management programs that were state of the art. One program enabled one of our users to place and profit from a trade against the Bank of England. I don't think I could have done that: but I did create a process that made that work possible.

I retired from that career four years ago and began doing what I always wanted to do: originally be a DJ but more recently become a video producer. I have a unique strength in video production because my literature studies help me tell a story in a professional way. My technology skills put me at an advantage in creating and distributing videos.

This came together in a series of videos I produced about Farmers Markets locally. Last Saturday, I won my first award for a video I produced: an award for best commercial video. You can see my life experence there: producing commercials for ten years for radio, developing skills in telling a story, and having the technoloy abilities to shoot and edit it.

It is my goal now to continue producing promotional video whether for a profit making business or for a nonprofit helping people, or recording key moments in someones life. It's back to work now. David.

An Early Blog Entry

I was very happy with this video because it is the story of a person excited about a year-end celebration who is working to bring that excitement to others. Working with her, I was able to bring out 3 goals:
  • Help volunteers feel the spirit earlier,
  • Help people with different traditions participate, and
  • Join with mom in picking toys for kids.
The video has a strong beginning, middle and end. It sustains interest by showing relationships.